LANS HALAL Vege Dining


LANS HALAL Vege Dining is a cafeteria for international students.


This cafeteria aims to accommodate requests of international students for more diversified diets.
Be assured that halal, vegetarian(vegan), and gluten free dishes are available.
After lunch time, you can use the space as a place of recreation and relaxation or a place to chat with Japanese students (a coffee server is available).
We’ll do our best to make improvements so that you can feel more comfortable in our place.

Weekday 11:45〜13:00
Saturday ,Sunday and holiday Closed

Customer Questionnaire

“LANS HALAL Vege Dining” of use landscape

Good Points

  • friendly staff
  • People are helpful and give a good service.
  • comfortable place
  • not so crowded
  • clean place
  • study room after lunchtime
  • menu in Japanese and English
  • The foods are delicious and have many variations.
  • This place provides halal foods for Muslims' students.
  • a lot of choice, even for vegetarians /vegan
  • fair prices
  • not so expensive

Points of Improvement

  • It would be so nice if there is a chili sauce.
  • Food sells out quickly.
  • I hope that the cafeteria's opening hours can be extended until 1:15pm